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The premium software to settle your fund-related commissions

Fund Commissions

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ProviAM™ - Professional Fund Commissions

ProviAM™ is the premium software to settle all kinds of fund-related commissions.

This includes convenient mandate settlement of trailer fees with various special commissions (e.g. overwrite, intermediation, super and internal commissions) for various investment instruments such as open-end funds, certificates and asset management portfolios. The settlement of fees for investment advisors and sub managers is also carried out without problems.

During the settlement process the contract partner’s holding statements are validated against holding statements of platforms or custodians such as Clearstream or Euroclear. Fund prices (NAV, Volume, etc.), currency exchange rates, holidays as well as the received holding statements are imported fully automatically. For a better integration into your IT landscape ProviAM™ contains various customizable interfaces to your accounting and CRM systems.

Import and control of holding statements

A contract partner’s holding statement is imported automatically as soon as the mail is received. All holding statements of contract partners are plausibility checked using algorithms against the data of central custodians such as Clearstream or Euroclear.

Audit and control functions

Permissions of individual users can be assigned via defined profiles. Change tracking ensures that all changes are documented. Data relevant for the billings is released and authorized according to the four-eyes-principle.


ProviAM™ offers the possibility to prognosticate holding statements and the resulting calculated fees. In this way accounting can set up accruals for the anticipated commission payments before all holding statements are available.

For that purpose an intelligent logic uses holding statements of the previous months, custodians/depositaries and the ratio of the fund’s total pieces to the contract partner’s holding statement to prognosticate the holding statements as accurately as possible.


The Power BI Dashboard graphically displays the development of your holdings. Thanks to the API to Microsoft Power BI, you can customize the dashboard to your own needs.

In addition, numerous Excel reports are available for all necessary data to facilitate daily work.

With the configurable report generator you have the possibility to create individual fund reference data reports and send them automatically.

CRM Integration

By connecting ProviAM to CRM systems, the following data can be exchanged between the systems:

  • Synchronization of organizations, contacts, bank accounts and addresses
  • Synchronization of head data of contracts
  • Synchronization of product reference data
  • ProviAM™ reports can be called up directly from CRM
  • The integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is already included ready to use


ProviAM™ is offered as an all-round worry-free package as SaaS; only a browser is required for access. Microsoft's Azure Cloud, located in the EU, is used for scaling resources and backup. It is also possible to integrate your domain for single sign-on.

ProviBPO™ - Business process outsourcing of fund commissions

As optional service cleversoft offers to handle the complete commission settlement as business process outsourcing.

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