About cleversoft

Founded in 2004 the cleversoft group is a leading cloud based RegTech provider for financial services. The company is headquartered in Munich with offices in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Luxembourg and Sofia. We optimize and automate business processes for regulatory documents, marketing materials, commission payments and other back office processes or over 300 clients around the globe.

  • Regulatory documents and reports
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and document management
  • Factsheets and marketing documents
  • Commission settlements
  • Web integrations
  • Structure of the group
  • Philosophy
  • Product range
  • Our customers
Structure of the group

The operating companies of the cleversoft group operate under the umbrella of cleversoft group GmbH. All shares are held by the founders, management and the Software Investor Main Capital Partners.


The philosophy of the cleversoft group

Due to the ever-increasing speed with which information is exchanged in the twenty-first century, companies are now exposed to an enormous information overload. In order to keep up with this speed, customised solutions must be integrated into the system landscape of the company, the external business partners, and the systems of the supervisory authorities.

The cleversoft group is responding to this challenge with a fully integrated software suite, which incorporates all of its own solutions and a variety of interfaces to third-party providers. The cleversoft group works discreetly in the background in order that customers can maintain their corporate identity. The cleversoft group thus acts as an “invisible” service provider and assumes a large proportion of the resource-consuming, in some cases manual, work steps and replaces them with high quality, automated and therefore error-free processes.

Use the freedom this creates to focus on your core tasks and competences.

Product range
  • Procurement & distributionmehr erfahren

    Procurement & distribution

    Communication between service providers and customers in the financial sector is as important as it is complex. Under the increasing pressure of the competition, financial service providers must continuously optimise processes in order to provide their customers with information that is as simple as possible, but that is also legally compliant. The cleversoft group’s workflow-supported and auditable solutions help financial service providers to overcome this task. While the FD Distributor™ automates and simplifies data and document distribution, docRepository™ combines regulatory documents and marketing information for targeted searches via web interfaces and also provides these documents via the latest interfaces.

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  • CRM & Document Managementmehr erfahren

    CRM & Document Management

    Given the ever-growing range of customer relationship management systems, it is increasingly complex to compare and select the appropriate solution. The special requirements of the financial sector cannot be met by an “out of the box” solution. This is where the cleversoft solution for CRM & Document Management comes in. Our specially developed Microsoft Dynamics CRM Template scores highly as a result of many years of development know-how in the financial sector. In cooperation with our customers, we have developed various modular extensions for all financial services fields. Further development and optimisation is continuously carried out on cleversoft CRM & Document Management.

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  • Marketing Documents & Factsheetsmehr erfahren

    Marketing Documents & Factsheets

    Data quality and transparency are increasingly important factors in the financial sector. Investors place great value on rapidly obtaining information in an appealing and high-quality form. Regardless of their size or strategic orientation, FactsheetsLIVE™ provides various financial companies with interactive and future-oriented solutions. Through cleversoft products such as factsheets, web integrations and fund focus lists, you will meet your investors’ requirements.

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  • Commission settlementmehr erfahren

    Commission settlement

    ProviAM™ is the premium software to settle all kinds of fund-related commissions. With ProviAM™ trailer fees, fees for investment advisors, sub managers and other special cases in the financial sector are settled. 

    As an optional service the commission settlement can be outsourced to cleversoft, so the entire process and related tasks such as the settlement of sub-advisors are handled for you.

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  • Regulatory Documents & Reportingmehr erfahren

    Regulatory Documents & Reporting

    Due to the financial crisis, there has also been a crisis of trust between financial service providers and investors in recent years. In order to provide greater protection to retail investors, it has become increasingly mandatory to provide information and documents that comply with complex legal regulatory standards. With solutions from cleversoft, banks, asset managers, investment management companies, fund providers and custodians compile legally compliant regulatory documents, such as product information sheets (PIS), KIDs for PRIIPs, KIIDs or GromiKV and VAG reports. In addition to complying with legal requirements, by using solutions from cleversoft, customers also benefit from significant time and cost savings when generating documents.

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  • Website & online Toolsmehr erfahren

    Website & online Tools

    With an increasing number of competitors in the financial sector, investors are finding it increasingly difficult to find their direction in the market. Services are becoming a significant buying factor. As a result, it is important that providers orient themselves to the needs of the investor. With entire websites and web modules, such as the Fund Comparison, the Savings Plan Calculator or the dynamic portfolio tool, cleversoft offers solutions at a high technological level.

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Our customers

cleversoft has active customer relationships with over 300 customers. The customers consist of renowned key players from the various sectors of the financial industry:

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Custodians/investment management companies
  • Asset managers

Our customers are based all around the world, with a focus on German-speaking countries.