Microsoft Dynamics CRM meets Finance

There are many CRM systems. But which system can meet your industry-specific requirements? When searching for a suitable service provider, are you only able to find system specialists without industry knowledge? We combine many years of development know-how with in-depth industry experience in the financial services sector. Not least due to the support of our customers, we have developed various modular templates for all sectors of the financial services industry.

cleversoft Financial Services Template

As a financial service provider, you face new challenges every day. Changing markets, more intensive customer service and, above all, new and changing legislation such as MiFID and KWG require a structured and flexible back office.

These requirements can only be economically met with intelligent software and automated processes. The ideal basis for this is Microsoft Dynamics CRM with our Financial Services Template.

Through our existing and continuously developed template, you can avoid the costly individual adaptation of your CRM system and achieve positive results quickly and easily.


  • German Money Laundering Act (GWG) and German Securities Trading Act (WphG) detection with automated resubmissions
  • Displays all asset classes
  • Authorisation process in accordance with the four eyes principle
  • Compliance with MiFID regulations
  • CTI integration
  • Contract management for distribution agreements and asset management contracts
  • Detection of all the routes through which documents are dispatched to the customer with automated dispatch control
  • Adviser cockpit with all key information about the customer portfolio
  • Automated business processes (e.g. resubmissions, loss threshold warnings, etc.) Expandable with our PSplus-, ProviAM™- and Sharepoint- Integration