CRM – Customer Relationship Management

For more success with customers!

The customer management of the future looks like this... Optimise all your customer-oriented business processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In terms of marketing, sales and service, you will benefit from a seamless solution that is quick to install, can be tailored to your company’s needs and is easy to maintain. Integration into the familiar working environment of Microsoft Office Outlook will ensure a high level of acceptance amongst your employees, thus providing the optimal basis to ensure that they will all be happy to work with the CRM software and will therefore be productive.

With the cleversoft Financial Services Template, we have the leading industry solution for the financial sector. By integrating SharePoint as a document management system with further interfaces, e.g. to portfolio management systems, you make your CRM the central application in your company.

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  • CRM meets Finance
  • Keyfacts
  • No CRM without process
  • As individual as your company
CRM meets Finance

Microsoft Dynamics CRM meets Finance

There are many CRM systems. But which system can meet your industry-specific requirements? When searching for a suitable service provider, are you only able to find system specialists without industry knowledge? We combine many years of development know-how with in-depth industry experience in the financial services sector. Not least due to the support of our customers, we have developed various modular templates for all sectors of the financial services industry.

cleversoft Financial Services Template

As a financial service provider, you face new challenges every day. Changing markets, more intensive customer service and, above all, new and changing legislation such as MiFID and KWG require a structured and flexible back office.

These requirements can only be economically met with intelligent software and automated processes. The ideal basis for this is Microsoft Dynamics CRM with our Financial Services Template. Through our existing and continuously developed template, you can avoid the costly individual adaptation of your CRM system and achieve positive results quickly and easily.

  • German Money Laundering Act (GWG) and German Securities Trading Act (WphG) detection with automated resubmissions
  • Displays all asset classes
  • Authorisation process in accordance with the four eyes principle
  • Compliance with MiFID regulations
  • CTI integration
  • Contract management for distribution agreements and asset management contracts
  • Detection of all the routes through which documents are dispatched to the customer with automated dispatch control
  • Adviser cockpit with all key information about the customer portfolio
  • Automated business processes (e.g. resubmissions, loss threshold warnings, etc.) Expandable with our  PSplus-ProviAM™- and Sharepoint- Integration

No CRM without process

An exclusive study shows that many companies are dissatisfied with the performance of their CRM software because of missing, definable processes. The fact is: The CRM system must follow the process and not the process of the system.For this reason, cleversoft has the motto: Unless the process landscape of the individual company is taken into account, CRM should not be implemented into the system!

Based on systematic analyses and the definition of customer-specific product requirements, we develop effective and secure process chains. 
The fact is: If the processes are not taken into account, it is impossible to successfully use CRM systems in a company.

Change Management

Introducing a CRM system in companies often identifies weaknesses in the process landscape. We can help you to remedy these weaknesses and optimise your process chains. The biggest challenge is motivating all stakeholders to consistently implement the changes in the future.

As individual as your company

From our own experience, we know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to a CRM system. Your CRM system must be as individual as your company. Not least for this reason, we have decided to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Due to the high level of complexity, it is impossible to achieve significant time and cost savings by developing an individual solution. Out-of-the-box solutions may seem cheaper at first glance, but these systems quickly reach their limits when you attempt to customise them.

Only with frameworks – such as those offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM – can we be in a position to provide individual solutions at economically feasible costs. We believe that this is the only way to successfully implement CRM systems.

With our combination of industry and development know-how, we are able to meet your needs in an effective and targeted manner, and are able to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We develop creative solutions based on our fundamental belief that technology is the means to achieving strategic interests and streamlining business processes.