docRepository™ – a platform for all regulatory documents

Through its PIB service, since 2011 cleversoft has been providing a delivery service for regulatory documents and mandatory publications. Among other things, in addition to the on-demand generation of PIS documents, cleversoft provides key investor information on funds (UCITS KIIDs) and original PIS documents from issuers.

The docRepository™ is an integrated service application for the procurement and provision of all necessary regulatory documents and mandatory publications from issuers and product manufacturers. As a complete solution, docRepository™ allows for legally required documents to be obtained (in multiple languages) easily and in a process-optimised manner in order that these can in turn be provided to retail clients.

In addition to a web service at, the documents are delivered via standard interfaces and additive services, for example for integration/deployment in customer applications (internet, intranet, terminals, platforms and brokerage applications). With docRepository™, financial services providers, banks, issuers and investment management companies, as well as direct banks and brokers, have access to a service application for the acquisition, management and long-term archiving of documents that are required for regulatory purposes.

  • Overview
  • For issuers
  • For distributors

Always the right document

  • Key information documents in accordance with PRIIP Regulations (PRIIP KIDs)
  • Product information sheets pursuant to WpHG (PIS)
  • Key information document pursuant to FIDLEG (BIB)
  • EUREX KIDs pursuant to PRIIP Regulations
  • UCITS KIIDs and mandatory publications (funds)
  • Individual factsheets and product portraits
For issuers

Are you an employee of an issuer or an insurance company who wants to provide PRIIP KIDs to all of your customers and distribution partners automatically and without administrative costs?

For all product manufacturers, issuers and insurance companies needing to create KIDs for financial instruments under their responsibility, with docRepository™ we provide a cloud-based distribution platform and an archive, which ensures both that the high demands of legal retention are met and that all historical versions of the documents can be accessed.
It ensures that filing and archiving is performed consistently and includes all the functions of a modern document management system. docRepository™ simultaneously offers multiple options for distribution and marketing, as it is the central platform from which distributors and sales partners can obtain all regulatory documents from a source.

For distributors

Do you distribute products from other banks, asset managers and insurance companies? Then the cleversoft docRepository™ is just the tool for you. docRepository™ makes it easy for you and your employees to find the right documents.

Whether you’re selling a UCITS KIID for a fund or a PIS for a stock, a Swiss FIDLEG or a European PRIIP, docRepository™ automatically delivers the right document.

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