Dynamic Portfolio

Create your individual portfolio.

The Dynamic Portfolio Tool allows you to compile an individualised portfolio from an arbitrary number of funds. The shares can be determined accurately, and the investment can be spread across various funds and investment strategies.

At a glance

  • Visualisation of your investment recommendation incl. backtest presentation
  • Funds can be freely selected from a definable selection or the complete sales universe 
  •  Result summary also available as PDF Factsheet
  • Extensions
  • Technical integration


  • Selectable rebalancing strategy
  • Integration of existing portfolios
  • Comparison with external third-party funds or benchmarks

It is also possible to make one-time and recurring monthly payments to illustrate the development of the account. In addition to payments, fees can also be specified so that they are recognised.

Comparison of two portfolios

As an extension, it is also possible to compare two or more portfolios with each other. 

  • Optimal comparison of different portfolios
  • Dynamic and available as a PDF factsheet
  • Comparison of performance values, risk classes or portfolio allocation
Technical integration

Integration with your website

The visual presentation is created as per our customers’ corporate design and can be tailored to their wishes. For integration into the network, a link to the website is stored in the CMS system.

cleversoft updates and hosts the content of the IFrame. Our customers do not have to meet any technical requirements in this regard. If necessary, cleversoft also offers other possibilities for integration