FactsheetsLIVE™ for white label partners

Individual design, updated automatically every day with up-to-date data – the two outstanding features of FactsheetsLIVE™. Offer this service to your white label partners.

  • Personalisation
  • Overview
  • Design

Offer your distribution partners or customers the opportunity to generate personalised Factsheets. After recording personal data, white label partners can compile up-to-the-minute Factsheets using a password-protected area on your website. The design you provide to us will be used a template for white label partner Factsheets.

  • Telephone, fax, email, website
  • Personal comment
  • Name
  • Company
  • Photo and company logo

FactsheetLIVE™ technology allows you to fully automate the process of integrating up-to-date factsheets into your websites or sending them by email. It goes without saying that the factsheets comply with MiFID. Charts can be integrated directly into the website.

  • Individual design
  • MiFID compliant
  • Up-to-date presentation on customers’ websites, including interactive charts
  • Automatic calculation of key figures
  • Personalisation with e.g. contact details of the supervisor/distributor
  • Periodic factsheet maintenance
  • Delivery of price and/or benchmark via interface

  • Mobile version available
  • Option for creating KIDs
  • Institutional reporting and fund data distribution
  • Support for sample portfolios
  • Mobile app available for iPhone
  • Online performance calculator
  • Tax calculator

When designing the Factsheets, we adapt to the customer’s wishes. They range from the traditionally modest Factsheet to “Designer sheets”. The layout can be adjusted to the corporate identity or can illustrate the theme/investment focus of the fund. Our designers develop an individual template for Factsheets together with the customer or agency concerned. For short-term actions, we also offer an extensive catalogue of standard templates.

In addition to the complete master data, the mandatory price chart and the top holdings, we put various analyses and figures on paper in graphic form:

  • Asset and country allocation
  • Sector and currency allocation
  • Investment and liquidity level
  • Pie or bar charts
  • Key figures (Calculated according to the FERI Trust method) e.g.
    • Jensen’s alpha and beta
    • Information, Sharpe and Treynor ratios
    • Tracking error and correlation
    • Volatility p.a.
    • Rankings, ratings and awards (Morningstar, S&P, Feri, etc.)

  • Investment concept/investment philosophy
  • Comment from the fund management
  • Comparisons of risks/opportunities
  • Photo of the fund manager/or management team
FactsheetsLIVE™ Flyer
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