FD Distributor™

Distribute and publish any financial data and reports regarding your products (funds, sample portfolios, etc.) through various channels to your various business partners. Flexible selection of the publication interval (daily, monthly, weekly, etc.), distribution function (email, FTP, SOAP, etc.), format (Excel, CSV, XML, etc.), content (key figures, prices, portfolio) and many more options.

Use these functions to create and distribute information such as fund prices, distributions, share profits, BVI calculated reinvestment or entire portfolios, top holdings, allocations, etc., or individual, institutional risk analyses.

Data deliveries

The data deliveries module of the FD Distributor™ includes all tasks relating to the supply of business partners, market data providers and institutional investors.

Usually, the delivery begins with the dispatch of daily NAVs and is then supplemented by the delayed (usually by two months) delivery of portfolio data.

This is then followed by risk matrices and top/flop evaluations from the reporting module.

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Institutional reporting

The FD Distributor™ allows for distribution of all created reports. Examples of this are:

  • Value-at-Risk matrices
  • Peer group reports
  • Fund comparisons
  • Top/Flops
  • Performance contribution
  • Summary reports
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