Fund comparison

Enable your customers to compare your funds.


Your investors have the opportunity to compare two or more different funds efficiently and without any obligation to invest.

  • Select up to five funds from the list of recommendations
  • Custom fields to compare
  • Links to the funds on the fund detail website
  • Performance displayed over a variety of time periods

After selection, interactive charts are displayed showing the performance of the funds. The funds can ultimately be downloaded as PDF-Factsheets and used as a printable version.

Distribution support

Support your distribution team when it comes to choosing the right fund. With the comparison tool, cleversoft allows you compare information individually. You are able to define the fields for comparison.  This allows potential investors to gain an overview of the possible funds.

Who is the fund comparison suitable for?

The cleversoft comparison tool is suitable for the insurance companies and asset managers that normally provide your customers with a large number of funds.