cleversoft Light Backend™

Easy to use tailor-made backend fitted exactly to your processes.

With FactsheetsLIVE™, you considerably reduce your administrative and manual efforts. For short-term and independent adjustments, you can also rely on cleversoft Light Backend™.

cleversoft Light Backend™ allows you to access the relevant data in your factsheets. Supplement or modify classifications, comments, risk classes and benchmark comparisons. Adjust rates, fees and weightings all by yourself. Import in-house prices and master data into the structure and the format as it becomes available.

The creation of factsheets is a dynamic process not only from a regulatory perspective; internal and external changes also continue to have a significant effect on expenses. The administrator role allows for:

  • Keyfacts
  • Overview
  • Quick access to instrument data
  • Simple processing and recording of additional information
  • Workflow-based and individualised classification of categories and holdings
  • Product activation and deactivation
  • Uploading of documents and in-house content such as research, product characteristics and reference texts
  • Importing of data and prices via CSV or XML

Reduce lead times, queries and efforts involved with any change requests. You have sole control over the issued data at all times, and can determine fields, securities categories or allocations.

In addition to upload functions or acquisition opportunities that are customised and adapted to customer requirements for in-house research, product specifications and categorisations according to investor and risk classification, Light Backend™ also allows you to establish constant monitoring and make the most extensive use of FactsheetsLIVE™.

Use and expand Light Backend™ to allow your Compliance and Legal departments to approve or edit templates.