OTC KID Generator

The OTC KID generator is the cleversoft service application for creating PRIIP-KIDs for OTC products such as forward exchange contracts or interest rate options. With the OTC KID generator, cleversoft offers a fully automated and standardised KID-creation solution for OTC derivatives.

The cloud-based service comprises the calculation of all key figures and performance scenarios, as well as the preparation and archiving of documents with a wide range of retrieval functionalities to fulfil the regulatory requirements of the PRIIP Regulation.

  • Overview
  • Asset classes
  • MIFID II option
  • Architecture
  • Hosted solution (SaaS) – no need to deploy any software on-premise
  • SOAP and REST API for STP integration
  • Transaction based / on-demand generation of PRIIP KIDs within seconds
  • Supports generic KID approach
  • Adaptor to a variety of banking solutions and data sources for integration with client-side resources
  • Tracking of changes and 4-eye principle when changes are made to the templates
  • Full versioning including audit trails and unique serial numbers for each document
  • Audit-compliant archiving in 3- or 6-times redundant form
Asset classes
  • FX derivatives/Forward exchange contracts
  • Equity and equity index derivatives
  • Interest rate and money market derivatives
  • Credit derivatives
  • Structured and synthetic OTC products
MIFID II option

Additionally we assist you in the implementation of regulatory specifications like MiFID II and ensure that
the OTC Setup will be also ready for these requirements. With our MiFID II option we are providing:

  • Cost transparency figures as well as cost information sheets
  • Specific pre-trade information with the investor‘s transaction details
  • Target market etc.


The flexible SOA architecture of the docCreator™ allows cleversoft to adapt the OTC KID generator service entirely to customers’ needs.

No matter whether you want to produce transaction-specific KIDs or generic documents with the OTC KID generator, it can handle both and they can even be combined for pre- and post-trade.

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