PRIIP Service for Administrators

Regulatory background

With EU Regulation No 1286/2014 investors in Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance Products are granted further consumer protection. The regulation requires a Key Investor Document (KID) to be produced by the issuer outlining all the key aspects of the financial product. The manufacturers and distributors of such products are required to implement the regulation since January 1st 2018.

For UCITS funds a transitional period until January 1st 2022 has been granted. It is important to note though, that will Asset Managers and their funds thus are exempt of the regulation at first, insurance companies selling these funds inside there insurance products require the Asset Manager to provide them with data according to the PRIIPs regulation already for distribution starting January 1st 2018.

cleversoft solutions for Administrators

cleversoft’s PRIIP service for administrators includes the creation of the KID documents as well as the calculation of the required risk indicatory and performance scenarios plus cost figures.

Additionally the EPT (European PRIIPs Template) created by EFAMA incl. the required CEPT reporting to insurance companies is produced and distributed via FD Distributor™.

You can find the latest version of the templates under the following link.


docCreator™ provides the ability to create PRIIP KIDs for:

  • funds
  • Managed Accounts
  • structured products
  • OTCs
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FD Distributor™

FD Distributor™ enables you to distribute the created and calculated reportings and data:

  • EPT
  • CEPT
  • structured products
  • custom formats
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