PRIIP Service for Banks

The regulation on key information documents for packaged investment products for retail investors and for insurance investment products (PRIIPs) is another EU-wide standard regarding product information for consumers. Its central component is the introduction of Key Information Documents (KIDs). Since 1 January 2018 issuers and distributors of PRIIP products have to implement the provisions.

The cleversoft PRIIP service for banks modularly and individually combines all cleversoft components that are required to fulfil the legal and regulatory obligations of issuers and distributors. With our products, you can create and receive the necessary PRIIP documents, from certificates to KIDs, for OTC products.


The docCreator™ automates the preparation of PRIIP KIDs for:

  • Structured products
  • OTC products
  • Funds
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The docRepository™ solution enables you to obtain PRIIP KIIDs and all other regulatory documents, such as PIB, FIDLEG basic information sheets, etc.

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OTC KID-Generator

The OTC KID generator creates and provides PRIIP KIDs for OTC products, such as forward exchange contracts or interest rate options.

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