ProviAM™ is the premium accounting software to settle all kinds of commissions.

It includes the painless settlement of mandates and sub-mandates for sales commissions, along with various special commissions (e.g. overwrite, intermediation, super and internal commissions, as well as agios and disagios) for various investment instruments such as open and closed-end funds, certificates, savings plans, life insurance and asset management portfolios. Investment advisers and sub-managers can also be remunerated easily.

In doing so, distribution partners’ stock declarations are checked for plausibility through Clearstream, Euroclear and platform notifications. The values of the fund (NAV, volume, etc.), exchange rates, holidays and the reported holdings are imported completely automatically. For better integration into your IT landscape, ProviAM™ includes various customisable interfaces to your accounting & CRM systems.

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Core functions

Import and control holdings

Distribution partners’ stock declarations are automatically imported upon receipt of the email. All distribution partners’ stock declarations are available via algorithms from the central data storage points of Clearstream or Euroclear.

Audit and control functions

The permissions of each user can be assigned via defined profiles.

Change tracking ensures that all changes are documented.

Payroll-relevant data is released and authorised in accordance with the four eyes principle.


ProviAM™ makes it possible to forecast holdings and to calculate the resulting commission payments, so that the amount of the expected commission payments can be deferred to your accounting department, even before all stock declarations are available.

An intelligent logic refers back to inventory reports from the previous months, depository/custodian reports and the ratio of the number of funds to the distributor’s stock declarations in order to forecast holdings as accurately as possible.


Reports, such as contribution margin accounting, partner portfolio development, free stocks, average commissions or net volume development, can of course be exported as a PDF or Excel document, or can be automatically distributed by email.

CRM connection

Through CRM-Integration ProviAM™, the following data can be exchanged between the systems:

  • Synchronisation of organisations, contacts, bank accounts and addresses
  • Synchronisation of contract header data
  • Synchronisation of product master data
  • ProviAM™ reports can be accessed directly from the CRM
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is already included as a turnkey solution

ProviAM™ is based on a modern SOA (Services Oriented Architecture) on the basis of InfondsNG™. This allows us to develop dynamic and flexible new solutions and services and to provide our customers with a short time-to-market.


The daily processing of commission payments in both outsourcing and customer support provides us with a deep insight the market demands.

cleversoft documents this in the cleversoft Knowledgebase, which benefits our customers.

We thus provide active support when it comes to the means of settlement of the various market participants, representatives or the typical problems faced by individual partners.


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