PSplus Integration

“Stick with what you know” –

We believe that a professional asset management system is not part of the range of services provided by a CRM system. In 2011, therefore, we developed an integration between PSplus, a leading asset management system, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


  • Master data management (contacts, organisations, addresses, etc.) in the CRM system and transfer to PSplus
  • Displaying key information from PSplus in CRM (asset tree structure, portfolio data, etc.)
  • Links from the CRM system into PWweb (e.g. from contact in CRM to the consolidated portfolio in PWweb)
  • Links from PWweb into the CRM system (e.g. from the portfolio to the linked contacts, organisations, etc. in CRM)

For your CRM users, and particularly for your sales team, this integration creates a central overview of your customers’ portfolio data and avoids duplication of addresses or contact details.