SharePoint Integration

When managing your customer data, sooner or later you will surely find yourself asking: Where should I file the documents for my customer? You’ll soon come to the conclusion that you could use your CRM system even more effectively if it had direct access to your customer documents.

The standard version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers SharePoint Integration as a basic functionality. Completely free of charge, as with every Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 – licence, you receive the free SharePoint Foundation Server, which boasts the most important functions required to get started in a professional document management system (DMS).

Combining SharePoint and Dynamics CRM for a genuine dream team – the cleversoft SharePoint Integration

With our cleversoft SharePoint Integration, we have extended the standard integration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a number of important functionalities. See an overview of the key features for yourself:

Filing of documents for child entities of the contact or organisation in the customer’s main folder

Have you created e.g. contracts with the customer in the Entity-Contract and now want to file the contract scan in the contract data record? No problem, the contract is stored directly in the contract data record, but is still accessible from the main customer folder in SharePoint. You can even configure whether an extra folder should be created for each contract or whether all contract scans should be stored in a single folder

SharePoint permissions are automatically set in the CRM

Do you use a sophisticated authorisation concept in your CRM and would like to also use it for your document management system? The cleversoft SharePoint integration also transfers the record owner’s rights to the SharePoint authorisation. As such, you can be sure that only users who have access to the CRM record are permitted to see or edit the relevant documents in SharePoint. Of course, you can also assign additional permissions in SharePoint.

Automatically create a standardised folder structure

Would you like a single standardised folder structure for all your customers? You can configure as many folders and subfolders as you like to be created automatically when you create a new customer.

Automatically move folders

Do you want to move a document or folder to another subfolder on the basis of certain characteristics (e.g., “Contract terminated” or “Task completed”)? You can define any characteristics and our integration automatically moves the document or folder to the desired location.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Synchronisation of folder names in SharePoint with any attribute from CRM

During configuration, specify an attribute to be used as the folder name in SharePoint, e.g. the contact’s full name. In SharePoint, a folder for the customer will be created automatically with their full name and will be updated if the name is changed in CRM (e.g. due to getting married, typographical errors, etc.).

Settings are configured directly via CRM. As such, the cleversoft SharePoint Integration can be adapted by the customer at any time. In general, you can configure the integration to any entity, whether it is a standard or custom entity.

cleversoft CRM Sharepoint Integration
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