Tax Calculator

In their tax returns, Belgian investors must state their income from dividends and fixed-income securities for the past year. To this end, investors must calculate the value of the units held during the year (including purchases and sales) on the basis of fund dividends and interest income.

Here, cleversoft has developed an intuitive solution that has been certified by Belgian tax exports and that is used for customers such as Flossbach von Storch Invest S.A. and GS&P Kapitalanlagegesellschaft S.A. It is available in Dutch, French, German and English. A Live Integration for GS&P can be found under Mutual funds > Belgium > Family Business R under the heading “Tax calculator”. In addition to the initial inventory at the beginning of the year, your investors may also record the purchases and sales made throughout the year and calculate the respective values at the click of a button. These can then be printed directly using the Print button.