Commission settlement

ProviAM™ is the premium software to settle all kinds of fund-related commissions. With ProviAM™ trailer fees, fees for investment advisors, sub managers and other special cases in the financial sector are settled. 

As an optional service the commission settlement can be outsourced to cleversoft, so the entire process and related tasks such as the settlement of sub-advisors are handled for you.

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    Settling fund commissions manually is complex and time-consuming. cleversoft’s commission software ProviAM™ was developed especially for the financial sector and is able to settle all common types of commissions. In addition to automatic reportings, ProviAM™ offers audit-proof management of your billing processes.

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    Financial companies need systems and programs that facilitate the billing process internally.

    As a billing service provider, cleversoft offers the software ProviAM™ for commission settlement for investment companies, asset managers and distributors. ProviBPO™ completes the solution by outsourcing the entire commission settlement to cleversoft.

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