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As a complete solution, the OTC KID Generator allows to generate required PRIIPs to be obtained (in multiple languages) easily and in a process-optimised manner in order that these can in turn be provided to retail clients.

OTC KID Generator support pages

These pages are meant to provide introduction and support for the cleversoft OTC KID Generator which is available in Refinitivs EIKON App Studio.

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  • Custom Document Settings
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How can content of the OTC KID’s be changed?

All parameters (such as Currency, Contractual amount, name of manufacturer etc.) in the user interface can be changed to contain your custom information. Every other text in the generated OTC KID is defined by business logic and has been signed off by legal advisory. Therefore, to ensure the compliance of the documents they are delivered as PDF and the texts are fixed and cannot be changed.

Is it possible to pre-fill the section on the manufacturer?

This functionality will be provided in one of the next updates. Currently planned for January 2018

Will the app provide more financial instruments as those the are visible now?

Yes, we are continuously upgrading our possible OTC instruments to make sure we meet all your needs.

For 2017 the following will be implemented:

  • Interest Rate Swap
  • Equity Options

Additional structures can be booked via cleversoft direct contract. Additional structures are for example:

  • Single Barrier Options
  • Digital Options
  • Double Barrier Options
  • etc.

Please contact your Thomson Reuters Representative for details.

Is it possible to generate KIDs during a trade (simultaneously)?

Yes, the solutions allows to open the OTC KID generator more than once.

can I export the results of the calculation?

Receiving machine readable calculation results requires a redistribution license. Please contact your Account Manager.

can I save the PDF to my desktop?

Yes, it is possible to save a PDF of the OTC KID to the desktop by generating a OTC KID and pressing the download button afterwards.

What is the difference between a generic and a specific OTC KID?

A generic (The term used in the Level 3 guidelines from ESMA is illustrative) OTC KID should be based on market data that are representative for the market conditions and is applicable as long as the market conditions have not changed materially. The KID should therefore not be based purely on hypothetical data nor should it include specific contractual data.

A specific (also called transaction specific or bespoke) OTC KID represents a precise trade of your client. So this contrasts the the generic PRIIP which can be used for multiple “similar” trades.

What is the Order Number that I can enter?

The order number is a value which can be used to find a generated OTC KID directly in the docArchive™. Typically we recommend that you use your own internal numbering scheme. This number is not automatically uniquely assigned.


Create your first OTC PRIIP KID

Custom Document Settings

Manage your bespoke document design

In the Eikon App you have the possibility to manage your bespoke document stylings for your corporate. To be able to set this please follow the following steps. 

First select from the OTC Generator KID App the tab “Custom Document Settings” (1). 

In the new window with Settings (2) will pop up. In there you should be able to customise your corporate identity.  First choose a “Name” (3) for the file. Than fill-up the information for the “Manufacturer” (4) such as name, address, phone, website of your company.

After that choose the “Colors” (5)  you would like to reflect on the document.  The colors that are possible to change are the Title color (6), Background color of passive risk (7), Background color of active risk (8), Font color of passive risk (9), Font color of active risk (10), Beam color (11).

Than of the bottom of the setting you can fill-up your “Logo” (12). For this click “Choose an image” (13) and you will be able to attach a logo from your PC. The logo photo should be in PNG format. As a least step press “Save” or “Save and back” (14) to save the settings

The settings will be saved than in the custom document settings tab in the “List of existing Datasets”(15).
You have the possibility to “Edit” or “Delete” (16) and also to create a new entry with the button “Create data set” (17).

Document Library

Store your frequently used trade templates

Your contact to cleversoft

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