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The Thomson Reuters Eikon RegDocRepository is an integrated service application for the procurement and provision of all necessary regulatory documents and mandatory publications from issuers and product manufacturers. As a complete solution, RegdocRepository™ allows for legally required documents to be obtained (in multiple languages) easily and in a process-optimised manner in order that these can in turn be provided to retail clients.

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How can I search for a certain Instrument?

In the search field of the RegDoc Repository, it is possible to search for the ISIN of a financial instrument, this will return an exact result. It is also possible to enter a String, for example the issuer, which will probably return a range of instruments.

The more specific the search is, the more specific the results are.

How are KID’s retrieved and presented in the RegDoc Repository?

A multi-source approach has been implemented to allow the retrieval from as many sources as are required. Sources are among others:

  • RegXchange
  • Direct Issuer links and feeds
  • Exchanges
  • Other hubs
How can I get ETD’s from Eurex?

For now the Eurex has only provided a singular exemplary document, which can be found in the RegDoc Repository with the ISIN: XF01FI01X00L. As soon as more documents are provided, we will implement those and provide you with the information on how to find them. EUREX has announced this for 2017 still.

How can I get ETD’s from Euronext?

Until now, the Euronext has not yet provided PRIIP KID’s, therefore it is not yet possible to deliver documents. As soon as the Euronext does provide KID’s for ETD’s, we will immediately work on the possibility to provide those. For more information look up the euronext site:

Is it possible to configure the KIDs in the narrative section?

The KIDs in docRepository™ are produced by the manufacturer, who takes responsibility for the content. You can not modify them.

Which languages are available?

Documents from 3rd party sources will be available in all the languages the 3rd party provides.

What if the instrument is not found?

If an instrument can’t found, please contact our support e-mail address

What if the document is not available in the language I need it?

The 3rd party which initially provides the documents in the different languages ultimately decides in which languages they will provide a PRIIP KID. If the required languages is not available in the RegDoc Repository, this means, that the 3rd party does not provide a document in this language.



  • Equity Factsheets


  • Nov 30th 2017 Launch of App
    • Sample PRIIP Scope
    • German PIBs for structured products
  • Dec 11th 2017 
    • added BBVA
  • Dec 15th 2017
    • added RegXchange
    • added Vontobel & DZ Bank, LBBW Testfeeds
    • ETDs from EUREX
  • Dec 20th 2017
    • ETDs from Euronext
    • added additional HUB deliveries
  • Dec 23rd:
    • added fairmat integration

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