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The cleversoft group is a leading provider of software solutions for financial service providers. The company – which has offices in Munich, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Sofia – optimises and automates its customers’ business processes for the preparation of regulatory documents, advertising materials, commission statements and other back office processes. Our objective is to support our over 150 active customers as a technological full-service provider. 

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    Banks are the first port of call when it comes to money and investments. It is therefore necessary to always break new ground in terms of investments and to further develop business. With cleversoft, enable your advisers to offer the best possible support to your customers.

    With our solutions that are specially tailored to banks, such as cleversoft docSuite™, we combine our products into individual solutions for your company. Standardisation allows you not only to reduce your costs, but also operate legally, transparently, and innovatively.

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    Fund providers

    Understanding your customers’ needs is the key to excellent service. Sustainable and long-term customer relationships are established on this basis. With our solutions, you can optimise your workflow and nurture your working relationships. Through its factsheets, websites or the cleversoft docCreator™, cleversoft provides means to implement sales-promoting measures. As a fund provider, you can use these methods to cover a wide range of needs.

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    In recent years, investment management and distribution has changed significantly. In addition to the new possibilities of selling funds to white label partners, legal changes to which capital management companies must adhere have also come into effect. With cleversoft solutions such as KID Repository, factsheets for capital administrator companies and their white label partners, or the German Large Loans Directive (GromiKV), you can distribute your funds efficiently and in compliance with the law.

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    Asset Managers

    There must be a certain level of trust between asset managers and investors in order for successful cooperation to be achieved. A good service is essential to building this trust in the financial industry. With services that help your investors to select and compare funds, the hurdles on the path towards a good business relationship can be more easily overcome. cleversoft facilitates projects with individual factsheets, regulatory German Insurance Supervision Act (VAG) reporting, or the Savings Plan Calculator.

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    Insurance Companies

    Inevitably, insurance companies are expected to be strong, stable and secure. Through partnerships with insurance companies, brokers hope to invest in safe and profitable investments. To guarantee the best possible service for your end customers, you can meet your brokers’ demands using FactsheetsLIVE™, the KID repository, or individual websites.

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    Are you looking for a business partner or distributor in the financial sector? As a partner, cleversoft has experience and skills resulting from many years of business relationships with Thomson Reuters, PS Plus or Examo. Our two main pillars of a successful partnership are the provision of encouragement and support on both sides. Our goal is to provide direct communication on an equal basis through transparency and trust.

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