In recent years, investment management and distribution has changed significantly. In addition to the new possibilities of selling funds to white label partners, legal changes to which capital management companies must adhere have also come into effect. With cleversoft solutions such as KID Repository, factsheets for capital administrator companies and their white label partners, or the German Large Loans Directive (GromiKV), you can distribute your funds efficiently and in compliance with the law.

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    Regulations and Digital Marketing have put an enormous focus on producing and retrieving product documentation in the financial services industry in the past few years. docCreator™ is cleversoft’s response to fullfill all these requirements in an ever increaseing complex setting, while keeping the ease of an automated process. The solution unites compliance requirements with ability to define design, structure and content in a flexible manner.

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  • PRIIP Service for administratorsmehr erfahren

    PRIIP Service for administrators

    cleversoft offers a fully integrated and established solution (based on UCITS KIID’s 2011 regulation for administrators, insurances and asset managers to comply with the regulation.

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    Streamline your customer relationship management with cleversoft’s financial services solution for MS Dynamics CRM. You profit in marketing, sales and service from an integrated solution, which can easily be adopted and is intuitive to use. Integration into your established MS Office World eases acceptance within your team.

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  • MiFID II Servicesmehr erfahren

    MiFID II Services

    create MiFID II compliant ex-Ante reporting in a fully automated STP process.

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  • Funds Factsheetsmehr erfahren

    Funds Factsheets


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  • KIID Service for Administratorsmehr erfahren

    KIID Service for Administrators


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  • Factsheets for White Label Partnermehr erfahren

    Factsheets for White Label Partner


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  • FactsheetsLIVE™ webmehr erfahren

    FactsheetsLIVE™ web


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  • Funds focus reportmehr erfahren

    Funds focus report


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  • VAG Reportingmehr erfahren

    VAG Reporting

    § 54d VAG requires insurance companies and pension funds to report portfolio fund units to BaFin, and for this they need comprehensive information from the investment management companies in the form of VAG reporting.

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  • Savingsplan calculatormehr erfahren

    Savingsplan calculator


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  • CRM Marketing / Newsletter & Factsheetmehr erfahren

    CRM Marketing / Newsletter & Factsheet


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  • CRM Financial Services Templatemehr erfahren

    CRM Financial Services Template


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  • Basket Factsheetsmehr erfahren

    Basket Factsheets


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  • FD Distributor™mehr erfahren

    FD Distributor™


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  • Peergroup Reportsmehr erfahren

    Peergroup Reports


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  • Funds comparemehr erfahren

    Funds compare


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  • Performance Contributionmehr erfahren

    Performance Contribution


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  • Powerpoint Exportermehr erfahren

    Powerpoint Exporter


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  • Tax Calculatormehr erfahren

    Tax Calculator


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  • CRM Developmentmehr erfahren

    CRM Development


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  • CRM Analysismehr erfahren

    CRM Analysis


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  • Funds findermehr erfahren

    Funds finder


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  • SharePoint Integrationmehr erfahren

    SharePoint Integration


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  • CRM PSplus Integrationmehr erfahren

    CRM PSplus Integration


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  • CRM-Integration ProviAM™mehr erfahren

    CRM-Integration ProviAM™


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  • Light Backendmehr erfahren

    Light Backend

    With FactsheetsLIVE™, you considerably reduce your administrative and manual efforts. For short-term and independent adjustments, you can also rely on cleversoft Light Backend™. cleversoft Light Backend™ allows you to access the relevant data in your factsheets. 

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