Insurance Companies

Inevitably, insurance companies are expected to be strong, stable and secure. Through partnerships with insurance companies, brokers hope to invest in safe and profitable investments. To guarantee the best possible service for your end customers, you can meet your brokers’ demands using FactsheetsLIVE™, the KID repository, or individual websites.

  • PRIIP Service for insurancesmehr erfahren

    PRIIP Service for insurances

    With the PRIIPs regulation entering into force in 2018, insurance companies are looking for an experienced partner to support them in the implementation of the European regulation. cleversoft is one of the few vendors, who already today offers a full-service solution.

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  • Dynamic Portfolio Buildermehr erfahren

    Dynamic Portfolio Builder

    The dynamic portfolio builder allows your clients or users to create a portfolio on the fly from your universe of instruments (usually funds). It shows aggregated risk, performance and key indicators in textual as well as interactive graphical presentation.

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  • Funds Factsheetsmehr erfahren

    Funds Factsheets


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  • FactsheetsLIVE™ webmehr erfahren

    FactsheetsLIVE™ web


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  • Funds focus reportmehr erfahren

    Funds focus report


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  • Basket Factsheetsmehr erfahren

    Basket Factsheets


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  • FD Distributor™mehr erfahren

    FD Distributor™


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  • Funds comparemehr erfahren

    Funds compare


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  • Powerpoint Exportermehr erfahren

    Powerpoint Exporter


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  • Funds findermehr erfahren

    Funds finder


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  • Light Backendmehr erfahren

    Light Backend

    With FactsheetsLIVE™, you considerably reduce your administrative and manual efforts. For short-term and independent adjustments, you can also rely on cleversoft Light Backend™. cleversoft Light Backend™ allows you to access the relevant data in your factsheets. 

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