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Following the market practices, more financial institutions are adopting new digital practices for Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and due diligence procedures to continue maintaining high quality services.

Obtaining up-to-date KYC data and monitoring changes is essential to successfully prevent financial crime. Specially now with more stricter legislations and guidelines from regulators. New generations are becoming more digital and prefer to communicate with their financial companies through online channels.

Financial companies are, therefore, improving their current processes of manual collection and verification of KYC data to better cope with due-diligence processes and be able to respond more efficiently to the customer onboarding.

In our next webinar you’ll learn:

– View from regulators on digital KYC
– EBA guidelines on digital onboarding
– Impact of the GDPR on digital KYC Solutions
– How digitalization speeds up your customer onboarding
– Digital forms for onboarding

Key Speakers:

Cristina Quijano

Business Developer, cleversoft group

Sibel Hanuschek

Legal Counsel

René Blaschke

Managing Director, Financial Crime Prevention and Compliance Solutions

This event has passed.

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