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What EIOPA is calling for in Solvency II reporting in the near future comes with a challenge:

Numerous changes in the qualitative reporting templates, effective from Q4 of 2023, as well as the expected changes in SCR listed in the 2020 Solvency II review will result in a long list of changes in all Solvency II systems. This can significantly increase the risk of errors, delays and associated additional costs; especially if procedures that are no longer completely up-to-date are used for reporting.

In our webinar, we explain the upcoming changes in detail. We will then demonstrate how you can still manage the new taxonomy requirements with little effort.

Key Speakers:

Iva Velinova

Head of Supervisory Services, cleversoft

Erwin van Dixhoorn

Managing Director, cleversoft supervisory reporting

Joris van Dam

Sales Director, cleversoft

This event has passed.

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