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In the fight against money laundering, business rules are commonly used for transaction monitoring. While this is generally effective, the evolving nature of financial crime makes it increasingly challenging to detect all suspicious activities using this method. 


Hence, it’s recommended to implement a risk-based strategy, which involves applying Anti-Money Laundering (AML) measures where your financial institution is most vulnerable. This can be achieved with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI): 

An AI-based system increases the accuracy of transaction monitoring through an ideally continuous learning mechanism. This results in more accurate alerts and a significant reduction in false positives, while you maintain control over your monitoring procedures. 

We cordially invite you to join a webinar to gain a deeper understanding of this approach and learn how you can improve your AML efficiency using cleversoft’s AI tools. 




Ensuring compliance through AI-based transaction monitoring


Shifting from traditional systems to AI-based methodologies. 

Balancing compliance and risk management. 

How AI tools enhance supervision and maintain control. 

How to use AI and still be compliant for the regulator. 



Application of risk-based approaches to transaction monitoring


Comparing traditional rule-based systems with adaptable AI-driven systems. 

The strength of intelligent segmentation and integration of customer data. 

Spotting vulnerabilities and ensuring the integrity of the system. 



Strengthening risk-based transaction monitoring with AI


Live demonstration of cleversoft’s innovative AI tool for transaction monitoring. 

Exploring the benefits and practical application examples. 

Interactive Q&A session with our experts. 

Key Speakers:

Vincent Glazenburg

Managing Director, cleversoft Forensic Detection

Cristina Quijano

Business Developer, cleversoft group

Rutger van der Zanden

Product Owner, cleversoft Forensics Detection

This event has passed.

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