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Sanctions: 27 new sanction’s lists added to the cleversoft FCCS sanction’s catalogue

Our constant focus is the benefit of our clients in terms of Sanction’s coverage through our continuously growing sanctions list catalog, with our catalog extension for the Middle East and Africa during Q1 2022 and today’s extension for the Eastern European region. Want to know more about new sanction’s lists and how our AML solutions use it, read the Blog Post.

Laurent Collet
November 28, 2022

Our consolidated database of sanctions is used in all our applications in the screening process of entities that need to be monitored as part of your AML obligations.

The screening allows to identify possible matches between the entities under control and the sanctions included in the consolidated sanctions database. The identified matches, called Hits, will need to be validated to determine the resulting risk exposure.

Over the years, we have expanded our sanction’s lists catalogue, which now includes 199 lists from 49 countries or organizations.

In January 2022, we began a process of expanding this catalogue to include more than 30 new sources from the Middle East and Africa in Q1 2022.  Later on, this year, 27 new sources have been again added into our catalogue. These are:

How does it impact you?

Our sanctions list is used in:

  • AMLspotter,
  • AMLspotter Online,
  • BNC,
  • BNC XS,
  • WEB BNC,
  • CleverKYC,
  • Business Forensics Cloud,
  • API.

If you have any questions about using the consolidated sanctions database in our anti-money laundering solutions, or if you would like these new sanctions lists to be activated in your solution, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Success Team.