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Transaction Monitoring: Enjoy the proven concept of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Those who understand that meeting AML guidelines today and tomorrow requires a future-fit solution, one that puts an end to the unnecessary amount of manual work (and mistakes), the undoable resource planning, the business rules still in Excel, the 80% to 90% false positives, and above all: the blind spots that were inevitable, until now.

Get started with cleverForensicDetection today

We will be happy to advise you on the details.

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Get started with cleverForensicDetection today

We will be happy to advise you on the details.

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cleverForensicDetection is your future fit solution. Hop on and get control.

Regain full control and at the same time reduce compliance costs significantly, thanks to applied Artificial Intelligence, automation and machine-learning. Get a more resilient business, with the chance of (personal) fines and penalties diminished and the greater need (that reassuring feeling of comfort) served.

Transaction Monitoring and Know Your Clients, the perfect combination.

cleverForensicDetection is part of cleversoft’s one stop shop for Financial Crime Prevention. Combine AML monitoring, KYC and case management to ensure a full 360 holistic customer overview of your client base.

Transaction Monitoring

Enjoy the proven concept of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Only when transactions fail to fit a known and expected behavior will outliers be reported for further investigation. Confirmed outliers will strengthen the machine learning model to alert on such cases. And the rejected ones (i.e. false positives) will teach the system to accept such behavior in the future.

Completely new behaviors? The system will define new profiles which will go through the process of approval and lead to a better performance in the future.

From now on blind spots are of the past.

Probably the most valuable feature of our Transaction Monitoring solution: thanks to Machine Learning,Transaction Monitoring sorts through all profiles and transactions, seeing connections you could never have found before. Blind spots are of the past and only the real red flags are spotted. It gives you the feeling of comfort. You no longer have to worry about making mistakes and a lack of control.

Key features:

  • AI based detection of anomalies
  • Rule based detection


  • Full audit trail

We work with financial services providers all around the world. Let us introduce you to our onboarding process.

Our team has years of industry experience to help you through the entire regulatory compliance software procurement process – from A to Z.

Know your customers

Know Your Clients, real fast.

Our KYC solution guides you through the entire process, adding to the quality and content of your due diligence procedure. So, start minimizing the time and effort spent on due diligence and maximize time on the analysis! It couldn’t be easier!

Easy, Said, Done.

Highly educated people shouldn’t spend 80% of their time on administrative tasks. With our partly automated KYC process, data gathering, screening, acceptance, monitoring and reporting, you save time. So you can focus instead on value added activities.