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deritrade by Vontobel Integration with cleversoft docRepository

When advisors at banks and wealth management firms need to create diversified, efficient, and risk-adjusted portfolios, they often look to their investment advisory tool to carry out the job.  Often, however, the utilization of these tools on their own — without integrations to platforms like docRepository — can lead to hours of additional manual work to ensure regulatory compliance is maintained throughout the document generation process.

Get started with Deritrade Integration today

We will be happy to advise you on the details.

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Get started with Deritrade Integration today

We will be happy to advise you on the details.

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To help tackle this challenge, cleversoft and deritrade by Vontobel have teamed up to streamline the creation of real-time indicative terms and KIDs of products, tailored to deritrade.

Now, you can automatically keep all the documents you need for suitability reports in one place — without the need for time-consuming manual download and upload.

Financial Advisors can put the required regulatory documents in the right place in the investment process, then transfer those documents, in real time, from deritrade to docRepository, so they can be delivered from docRepository to your remaining connected systems and tools.

What does the deritrade docRepository integration do?

With the deritrade docRepository integration, you can now:

  1. Push indicative terms and KIDs from deritrade by Vontobel to cleversoft docRepository
  2. Retrieve indicative terms and KIDs in all your connected third-party advisory tools and Core Banking Systems
  3. Maintain all relevant documents for suitability checks in one place in your advisory software

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to get started with the new integration.

  • Open your deritrade account and create a structured product.
  • Send to cleversoft docRepository with one click.

    Developed by cleversoft, docRepository is the central document platform where more than 150 banks and 500 wealth managers submit their documents as part of investment advice, in accordance with PRIIPS, MIFiD II, and FinSA (and in Switzerland for pure execution transactions).

  • Open docRepository, select and download your document.

    Tip:  docRepository integrates with major Core Banking Systems like Avaloq, finnova, New Access, finstar, and investment advice tools like swissquant, finfox, UnRisk Omega, eVoja, and Investcloud.

  • Your PRIIP KID and Final terms are now available in all linked advisory tools and Core Banking Systems!

The master data for the structured product can also be obtained using your docRepository account and used for automatic creation of investment proposals in the connected systems.

It’s really that simple.

Downloading documents, creating instruments in your investment advisory tool, and uploading documents manually are now, officially, a thing of the past.

Since the introduction of the PRIIPs regulation, PRIIP-KIDs have been available using docRepository for flow and secondary market products. Additionally, since July 1st, 2021, the cleversoft Termsheet Service has been available to support the investment process through the creation of termsheets and final terms.

This integration is ideal for banks and wealth managers who will be required to check the suitability of selected securities and submit relevant documents in Switzerland, starting December 31st.  Afterwards, independent asset managers (IAMs) and trustees will need to be licensed in accordance with FinIA, where they will also be subject to the same requirements as licensed banks and sales outlets.

About the platforms

Ready to see the deritrade docRepository Integration in action?

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With more than 160 issuers of structured products, 29 connected derivatives exchanges, and the integration of fund document providers like FE fundinfo and Allfunds, docRepository covers all asset classes and provides the largest number of regulatory documents available on the market.

deritrade by Vontobel is a multi-issuer platform that enables the generation of individual structured products for wealthy private clients.  

The service is used by nearly 1,200 asset managers and 600 banks to design investment proposals with securities by using special payout profiles, in addition to the classic asset classes.

We work with financial services providers all around the world. Let us introduce you to our onboarding process.

Our team has years of industry experience to help you through the entire regulatory compliance software procurement process – from A to Z.