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Unlock streamlined access to all regulatory documents effortlessly

Introducing docRepository: your all-in-one solution for easily acquiring and distributing regulatory documents and mandatory publications directly from issuers and product manufacturers.

Get started with docRepository today

We will be happy to advise you on the details.

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Get started with docRepository today

We will be happy to advise you on the details.

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The docRepository Suite

Among other FinSA requirements, Financial Institutions need​ to inform retail clients pre-Trade with a Key Information Document (KID) and other documents such as SFDR ESG pre-contractual and periodic disclosures.​ With these documents the client can compare different products with each other, which allows them to make well-founded investment decisions.​

Whether you’re looking for fund documents (PRIIP KID, Prospectus etc.) or a German PIB for a stock or plain vanilla bond, SFDR / ESG Information, a Swiss FinSA, a UK-PRIIP-KID or a European PRIIP KID, docRepository automatically delivers the right document.

Have a look at the various integration options.

Key benefits

  • Very High Product Coverage (more than 16 Million instruments)​
  • Premium-FE fundsinfo-Integration covering over 1.300 Asset Managers and over 370k Share classes
  • Offering of a docRepository Microsite for clients and Banks providing required investment information in an electronic form as a MiFID Standard on a durable medium via our docArchive,​ allowing access to documents 24/7​
  • All modules provide full compliance from retrieving Swiss FinSA KIDs, PRIIP-KIDs and PIBs to automatically keeping all the documents you need for suitability reports in one place.
  • Different integration options with your systems


An integrated SaaS application to retrieve and archive all type of regulatory documents:

  • Key Information Documents (KIDs) as per FinSA, Product Information Sheets (PIBs) as per German Securities Trading Act (WpHG), Key Information Documents as per PRIIP regulation (PRIIP KIDs), UCITS KIIDs for Funds​
  • in all languages​
  • for all countries​ – Switzerland, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, France, Italy, UK, …
  • on multiple output channels​
  • fully compliant with local regulations​
  • E-and Mobile Banking – E-Banking Solution allows your clients comfortable​ and easy access to relevant documents.
  • Different integration options with various systems:
    • Front-end and standalone API retrievals
    • Integration in Core Banking System through API
    • Integrate in advisory tool
    • Microsite self service
Discover the variety of docRepository distribution modules:

The docRepository Suite provides opportunity to integrate with various systems that you currently use, across the EU and Switzerland. The different modules provide full compliance from retrieving Swiss FinSA KIDs, PIBs to automatically keeping all the documents you need for suitability reports in one place:

  • PIB Service

Standard information sheets in accordance with the WpHG specifications for Equities and Plain Vanilla Bonds, for customers advising German retail clients.

PRIIP KIDs for Funds (former UCITS KIIDs) Integration of FE Fundinfo or Allfunds API connection, or retrieval via Edisoft or Morningstar, according to customer specifications.

  • ETD Wizard for Exchange Traded Derivatives KIDs

24 worldwide exchanges connected for KID for PRIIPs and additionally KID for PRIIPs for EUREX Product ISINs.

  • docRepository FinSA Module

Covers Swiss FinSA KID documents (FinSA-KID) and allows for bespoke fallbacks to be set up to retrieve equivalent EU-PRIIP documents when the FinSA KID is not available.

  • docRepository UK PRIIP KID Module

Includes document type UK-PRIIP-KID for PRIIP to cover UK specifications for customers serving UK retail clients.

  • docRepository Termsheets

Termsheets and Final Terms for structured products and notes, from top issuers in the EU and Switzerland, plus a fallback on the ESMA Final Terms database.

  • SFDR-/ESG documents

SFDR Pre-Contractual, Periodic and Web-Disclosures for funds and discretionary mandates.

Examples of front-end functionalities

Besides the docRepository front-end and standalone API retrievals, documents are made available via standard interfaces and adapter services, for example as integration/deployment in customer applications (Core-, E- and Mobile Banking and also several Portfolio Management- and Advisory Systems).


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