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API-based fund integration for your websites and tools

Improving your SEO performance as well as increasing your clients dwell time is a major challenge for modern digital marketing. FSL Manager helps you to boost both to achieve higher conversion rates.

Get started with FactsheetsLIVE™ Manager today

We will be happy to advise you on the details.

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Get started with FactsheetsLIVE™ Manager today

We will be happy to advise you on the details.

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Improved user experience

Improve your client’s user experience by providing seamlessly integrated, interactive fund data on your website. Fund websites using the FSL Manager API Integration load up to 100% faster than classical Iframe(i) integrations.

Benefits in a nutshell:
  • Up to 100% faster page loads
  • Reduced bounce rates
  • Increased end user dwell time
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Fully automated processes
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your website for search engines is a key factor in your digital marketing success. Top positions in search engine result pages (SERPs) can make costly advertising obsolete. The API based architecture of FSL Managers supports your OnPage SEO by design.

  • Top Pagespeed All Fund content is cached in your local database. Neither Iframes nor ad-hoc API calls will slow down your website.
  • Clear structure FSL Manager Templates are built to provide a clear and search engine friendly structure.
  • No Additional resources No Javascripts, CSS or Images are loaded from external sources. Your page will directly provide all design definitions and scripts for interactive elements.

Usability & Accessibility Modern search engines are very good with detecting usability and accessibility levels. FSL Manager does not negatively interfere with your existing Templates.

Individualized content

The possibility to provide individualized content is a core element in FSL Manager’s product design. FSL Manager Templates can be individualized based on the following metadata of your end user:

  • Investor type (e.g., private investor or institutional investor)
  • Investor country
  • Investor language
  • The ISIN of the current product

This allows you to easily adjust content for aimed target group marketing and to fulfill regulatory requirements in your different target markets.

Seamless integration

The API-based approach of FSL Manager allows fund content to be seamlessly integrated. Additional scrollbars, design inconsistencies and issues with responsiveness are no longer present.

FSL Manager does not rely on the classic Iframe method to add content to your website. Instead, it delivers (structured) data via interfaces. These deliveries are imported through your website/CMS and from there on treated as local content. This allows you to easily reuse the existing design definitions of your website, which comes with many advantages:

  • The fund data output on your website is entirely integrated. The user won’t be able to see where the data originates from.
  • For continuous consistency, fonts, colors, and paddings are always controlled by your design.
  • Design changes can always be made independently from fund data.

Your existing search functionality can easily be extended to include the fund content.

Responsive Web Design, Usability and Accessibility

Modern requirements for responsiveness (mobile optimization), usability and accessibility (like WCAG 2.0) can easily be fulfilled. The seamless integration of raw data as well as the clean structure of provided HTML Templates allows you to stick to your websites level of implementation.

Do-it-yourself template building and configuration

The do-it-yourself (DIY) template building and configuration approach of FSL Manager allows easy-to-learn, rapid content development. This includes:

  • Creating new languages
  • Setting up investor countries (target markets)
  • Setting up investor types
  • Configure global rules
  • Define custom conditions using the Condition Builder
  • Create and modify templates
  • Configure fund authorizations
  • Manage intelligent translations

FactsheetsLIVE™ Manager integration architecture

FSL Manager is the solution your digital agency will ask for. While interfering as less as possible with your design, accessibility and user flow, it offers everything you need to materialize your business requirements.

The big picture of a fully automated fund data integration into your website, app or tool is shown below.

  • Automated delivery of refined fund data via interfaces
  • Designed and optimized for page speed
  • Target group marketing individualization
  • Fulfil Regulatory requirements for each Investor country, investor type and product
  • Do-it-yourself template development
  • Consistent number and date formatting
  • Multi language support
  • … and much more
  • Website user flow and metadata collection

FSL Manager is built to provide each client with tailor-made content. This allows you to accomplish marketing goals as well as regulatory requirements.

The typical user flow of fund websites allows you to collect information about your visitor, which then can be used to individualize the fund content in your website.



As a result of the user navigating through your website or using your app, metadata is collected which will then be sent to FSL Manager to request the appropriate content. This metadata is called “parameters for API requests”.

Example request parameters

Investor countrySwitzerlandLanguageGermanInvestor typePrivate investorFund (ISIN)Fund CPageKey data

FSL Manager content selection

After a content request to FSL Manager has been triggered with the collected parameters, the service generates the output for the specific page (e.g., key data) that was requested.
As first step in the content generation process FSL Manager picks the specific template which was assigned for the parameter’s investor country and investor type. This allows you to work with entirely different templates on a per target group level.

Base Configuration Module
  • Investor Countries
  • Investor Types
  • Languages
  • Fund authorizations and sorting
  • Global Rules


Custom Condition Builder
  • Output filter
  • Sniplets


Administrative Features
  • Sniplets
  • Output Filter
  • Programme’s Rules
Setup Data Interfaces
  • Investor types
  • Investor countries
  • Languages
  • List of available pages (HTML Templates)


Data Interfaces
  • Product List
  • List of all products including specified key data, key figures, and customer specific data
  • Historic price data
  • Allocation data
  • Translations


Calculation Interfaces
  • Savings plan calculator
  • Portfolio calculation

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