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A turnkey solution guaranteeing ongoing compliance

Let us help you get ready for IFRS 17. During the initial free consult and demo we provide you with a pallet of options.

IFRS17 has already come into effect. However, it is not too late to choose a system. With our SaaS solutions, we have the ability to quickly have a system operational, so you can focus on finding data and start reporting.

Get started with IFRS 17 today

We will be happy to advise you on the details.

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Get started with IFRS 17 today

We will be happy to advise you on the details.

Get in touch

The Software

Our IFRS 17 solution has the following core capabilities:

  • Calculation of the CSM for the available models, being Premium allociation approach (PAA), Building Block Approach (BBA) and Variable fee approach (VFA)
  • Discounting methodologies
  • Capturing of onerous contracts and loss components
  • Reconciliations including CSM showing the movement from opening balance to closing balance per Unit of Account (UoA)
  • Creation of disclosures
  • Creation of journal entries to feed back into the general ledger
  • Governance and auditing


IFRS 17 Implementation and Audit stages

To get this reporting standard incorporated, several steps need to be taken down the road. The overview below helps to establish a roadmap towards a full implementation and audit of the project. In case you need support for this, feel free to reach out to us!

Implementation Stages:

  • Detailed design phase
  • Build phase
  • Test phase
  • Parallel run, cut over
  • Change managements/training/BAU

Audit Stages:

  • Overall planning and risk assessment
  • Assess governance of implementation of the standard
  • Accounting policies and methodology review and valuation
  • Transition audit – Calculation of opening CSM and Balance sheet
  • IAS 8 consideration of IFRS17
  • End-to-End understanding of IFRS17 BAU process and controls (IT)
  • Data and systems IT general controls audit (data input/output testing)
  • Actuarial methodology assumptions and model (testing to confirm consistency)
  • Audit strategy revision and substantive audit procedures
  • Results, report and disclosures audit execution

The Services

We will help with the implementation and setup of the IFRS 17 calculation models PAA, VFA and BBA as well as the processes and workflows. Part of this implementation is training for the end users. During the initial phase, we can assist in actuarial questions, such as eligibility assessments.

Tailored requirements

Our systems can be configured to meet any specific requirements. Our experts can provide you with a configurable and/or customizable solution. Ask for the options.


Business as usual

Once implemented, our team will be available to support you with software, IFRS 17 and related actuarial questions. The software will be maintained and upgraded. If IFRS 17 standards change in the future, updates follow accordingly.

  • Support outside business hours
  • Actuarial support
  • General IFRS17 training

We work with financial services providers all around the world. Let us introduce you to our onboarding process.

Our team has years of industry experience to help you through the entire regulatory compliance software procurement process – from A to Z.