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Create updated, interactive, fund factsheets automatically

FactsheetsLIVE™ brings your investor data to life with beautifully designed, dynamic, flexible, and fully interactive fact sheets.

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to automate your factsheet creation process.

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Book a demo

to automate your factsheet creation process.

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How it Works

FactsheetsLIVE™ gives you the ability to automatically create fact sheets, charts, and fund data to view on desktop, mobile, or PDF.

  1. Collect the Data

    FactsheetsLIVE™ facilitates the creation of fund fact sheets, while FactsheetLIVE™ web obtains your price and portfolio data — directly from the capital management company (or the custodian). Data from additional sources (e.g., vendors, APIs, internal data interfaces, etc.) can be integrated.

  2. Design the Data

    Once your data sources are connected, we’ll work with you to design how the aggregated data is displayed. Choose between our catalogue of standard templates, or work with our team to design a layout that’s tailored to fit your specific needs.

  3. Publish the Data

    After the layout for your data has been designed, you have control over how that data is published and deployed. With FactsheetsLIVE™, your up-to-date fund data can be published to desktop, mobile, or PDF — automatically.

Automated, MiFID compliant, fund data available on iPhone, iPad and Android

We take the load of calculating key figures, and sharing your most important data, off your plate.


MiFid, EN ISO/IEC 17024 and BDSG Data protection, AND BaFin


Master data and fees, Investment Philosophies AND Strategies, Manager and Monthly Comments, Prices, volumes, and distributions, Synthetic benchmarks, Peer groups


Return, volatility, Sharpe ratio, Alpha, beta, max drawdown, VaR, correlation

Charts & Diagrams

Performance, Top Holdings, Industry allocation, Country allocation, Durations & Ratings, pay once

Factsheets Services
FactsheetsLIVE™ Direct API

HAPI-based fund integration for your websites and tools

Peer Group Report

Compare your fund in a customer-specific peer group

Tax Calculator

Online calculator for inventory, purchases, and sales

Savings Plan Calculator

Help customers find the right plan with this online tool

Performance Contribution

Performance contribution transparency for your investors

Model Portfolio Factsheets

Automatically create factsheets for fund portfolios

cleverHub (LightBackend)

Easy to use tailor-made backend fitted exactly to your processes

Fund Focus List

Display a list of key figures, fees, and portfolio data

Fund Finder

Help customers easily identify the best investments

FD Distributor™

Publish and distribute fund data, reports, and portfolios

Fund Comparison

Empower your customers to compare your funds

Equity Factsheets

Automate the generation of your shares and bonds factsheets

ESG Factsheets

Your ESG marketing material surrounding the regulatory required documents

Dynamic Portfolio

Compile individual portfolios from any number of funds


Automated delivery of daily updated, interactive fund factsheets and web components

PRIIPs for Insurance

Monitor, update, and complete PRIIP KIDs in record time

PRIIPs for Funds

Create KIDs, calculate performance, risk, and cost figures

PRIIPs for all asset classes

Monitor, update, and complete PRIIPs for all asset classes