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Stop financial crime before it starts with our Financial Crime Prevention Platform

KYC, AML, screening, and fraud detection software for all market participants including banks, insurance companies, asset management, funds, and more.

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Financial Crime Prevention Platform

From PEP and sanctions screening to transaction monitoring and the creation of a 360° client risk profile at your fingertips, our suite of Financial Crime Prevention Platform has a solution for companies of every size.

Detect risk early, take immediate action, and minimize your exposure to regulatory violations and damages.

A Holistic Customer View

We believe in one holistic customer view to gather all related data in one, centralized place. This includes KYC, AML alert handling, fraud, and regulatory cases. With the Financial Crime Prevention Platform as your foundation, now you can break down organizational silos.

For the first, second, and third line-of-defense, tap into the power of a centralized environment with all levels able to control their own work. Based on W7 authorizations, find out more about our integrated approach to fully compliant workflow and audit trail that keeps all data secure and centralized. ​

Innovative AI tools

Increase the accuracy of your transaction monitoring with artificial intelligence. Our monitoring tools are constantly evolving – for example, using AI to learn from your feedback on monthly samples for the future.

Deploy our 360° solution that integrates AML monitoring, KYC and case management to meet regulatory requirements and improve the effectiveness of your financial security measures.

Financial Crime Prevention Platform Features

  • Risk calculation (Risk Based Approach)
  • Digital KYC Questionnaires for end-users
  • Adverse Media screening
  • Identification (ID) verification
  • Sanctions and PEP list screening
  • Onboarding and web-forms
  • Data-driven investigations
  • Case management
  • KI-based Transaction monitoring, including a rules decision engine
  • “Smart Sampling” to train AI
  • KPI dashboard, to-dos, and reports
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for quick and easy handling of signals, alerts, and false positives
  • Central application with standard workflows for all departments
  • SIRA and GDPR compliant
  • Integration-ready and compatible with all modules
  • Available in all languages


Financial Crime Prevention Services

Make customer onboarding efficient and reduce fraud with a fully compliant all-in-one AML and CTF solution

Fraud Prevention, AML and Risk-Management

Identify fraud and anti-money laundering (AML) risks at an early stage with a cloud-based case management solution.

Transaction Monitoring

Enjoy the proven concept of a powerful post-event monitoring system that combines rule-base and AI-driven approaches.

PEP and Sanctions Screening

PEP and Sanction Data

AML Risk API-Integration

Integrate AML and KYC into your existing system and/or interface AMLspotter with your management program

KYC Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

KYC functionality built directly into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM