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Modular tools for supervisory reporting in accordance with IFRS 17, Solvency II, IORP II and more

Connect to a new world of efficiency by optimizing all your supervisory reporting business processes with our smart and efficient suite of audit-compliant financial reporting tools.

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cleversoft offers Risk and Supervisory reporting solutions based on its own industry leading eFrame® software, a powerful data and process management platform, designed to execute reporting processes in the highly regulated financial industry.

Supervisors and the market regularly set new (regulatory) requirements and shorten timelines which increase the need to automate reporting processes. Therefor it’s essential to implement reporting solutions that effectively support the business in regulatory compliance. We help you to stay in control of the reporting, so you can stay in control of the business.


  • Software innovations to facilitate efficient and effective reporting processes that ensure compliance with the governance structures within your organization.
  • Building expertise through 10+ years working together with skilled teams at our clients, collaboration with our partners and monitoring regulations.

Financial reporting software that scales with your company and your budget

It is our aim to provide solutions that fit any size of company in the financial industry. That’s why we developed easy to implement ready-available Software-as-a-Services packages (SaaS). And also offer high-end enterprise level software for end-to-end reporting management by financial groups.

  • Software-as-a-Service

    fully managed supervisory reporting services – available from our data center (Cloud), or installed on-premises within your IT infrastructure – for Solvency II, IORP II, FTK and IFRS 17.

  • Enterprise-edition

    unique enterprise level software that can be easily configured to fully automate and integrate your various reporting streams.

Financial Reporting Features

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  • Taxonomy updates
  • EIOPA validations
  • Quantitative Reporting Templates (QRTs)
  • Standard formula for SCR and MCR calculations with transparent models
  • Integrated reporting templates for SFCR, ORSA, RTS with 100% flexibility
  • Fully-managed in a secure, GDPR-compliant data center, also available on-premise
  • Support for National Specific Templates (NST) in Excel and XBRL
  • Validation of all data points with full explanation (as applicable).
  • Available in all languages
Supervisory Reporting Services
Solvency II Service

Solvency II Reporting Solution

IORP II Service

IORP II XBRL reporting with user-friendly software

IFRS 17 Service

A modern and scalable software that helps you comply with the IFRS 17 accounting standard using a proven methodology and framework

XBRL Taxonomy FTK Reports

Implementation XBRL Taxonomy 1.0.3 FTK reports according to DNB Standard for Pension Funds

CSRD Service

Workflow-based collection of your KPIs (e.g carbon footprint, social criteria such as board diversity). We support the production of iXBRL-based submissions and human-readable reports